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fact_snacks's Journal

Fact Snacks!
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You know why adults are smarter than kids? Because they collect info from experience and books and really awful television programs. You know how much cooler adults would be if they could remember all the information that's ever flown by them?

Really cool. And geeky.

So here it is. A place to write down tidbits of info you found interesting that day, or simply want lodged in your brain for future reference. These facts should, however, be one or more of the following:

1) interesting
2) funny
3) useful

Don't submit anything personal; chances are, we don't care about you (unless you are famous or a dead historical figure). We don't care how many hours of sleep you get on average. Yet we do - for some reason or another - care about how much sleep Abraham Lincoln got during his presidency.

Feel free to reference other sites, turn your entries all wikipedey and such. We prefer that you don't post more than five facts a day, though (keep it to one or two posts). Pick and choose what's good, etc, etc.

You get the picture. Start writing crap down!
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